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Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute

Current Weather Conditions in San Diego, CA - 07/27/14 23:10:00

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Current Conditions
Outside Temperature 70.4°F
Wind Chill 70.4°F
Heat Index 70.4°F
Dewpoint 66.7°F
Humidity 88%
Barometer 30.264 inHg
Barometer Trend (3 hrs) 0.053 inHg
Wind 0 mph from N/A (N/A)
Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr
Inside Temperature 77.9°F
Inside Humidity 68%
UV 0.0
ET 0.00 in
Solar Radiation 0 W/m²


Since Midnight
High Temperature
Low Temperature
84.5°F at 15:26:10
67.5°F at 05:21:06
High Heat Index
Low Wind Chill
89.0°F at 15:26:10
67.5°F at 05:21:06
High Humidity
Low Humidity
93% at 05:31:38
59% at 13:42:46
High Dewpoint
Low Dewpoint
71.2°F at 14:50:58
61.3°F at 19:18:21
High Barometer
Low Barometer
30.279 inHg at 09:40:05
30.171 inHg at 18:19:06
Today's Rain 0.06 in
High Rain Rate 1.30 in/hr at 09:49:03
High Wind 14 mph from 279° at 16:56:02
Average Wind 2 mph
RMS Wind 3 mph
Vector Average Speed
Vector Average Direction
2 mph
High Inside Temperature
Low Inside Temperature
84.7°F at 16:11:04
76.8°F at 09:59:03
High Inside Humidity
Low Inside Humidity
75% at 10:40:03
54% at 19:14:05
High UV
Low UV
6.1 at 12:27:15
0.0 at 00:00:02
High ET
Low ET
0.02 in at 15:00:00
0.00 in at 00:05:00
High Radiation
Low Radiation
1035 W/m² at 14:09:36
0 W/m² at 00:00:02


Today's Almanac
Sunrise 05:59
Sunset 19:51
Moon Phase New (0% full)


About this Weather Station
Location Latitude 32° 46.92' N
Location Longitude 117° 09.42' W
Location Altitude 276 feet
Weewx Uptime 28 days, 11 hours, 13 minutes
Server Uptime 28 days, 5 hours, 39 minutes
Weewx Version v2.6.2
ISS Battery Status Ok (0)

The Weather Thingy of the Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute

This station uses a Davis VantagePro2, controlled by 'weewx', an experimental weather software system written in Python, running on a Raspberry Pi single-board computer under Raspbian OS, a lightweight Debian based operating system.

Current Statistics and Plots

Outside Temperature & Dew Point Chart Wind Chill & Heat Index Chart Outside Humidity Chart Rain (hourly total) Chart Wind Speed & Wind Gust Chart Wind Vector Chart Wind Direction Chart Barometer Chart Inside Temperature Chart Inside Humidity Chart Solar Radiation Chart UV Index Chart Inside/Outside Temperature Chart ISS Signal Quality Chart Console Battery Voltage Chart System Utilization Chart CPU Load Chart Disk Utilization Chart Memory Utilization Chart


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